The whining eminating from Morgantown is hilarious. The WVU fans are livid that Rich Rodriguez bolted for Michigan. Terms like traitor, liar, lack of character, a man’s word, betrayal, etc. are being thrown around. Isn’t it odd that the “Morons” didn’t echo these sentiments back in April when we saw these headlines…

Bob Huggins Leaves Kansas State for West Virginia ..

Students angered by Huggins’ exit

WVU is getting exactly what is deserves. The school’s football and basketball programs have always had a ‘win at all costs” mentality. Payback is a bitch. 

Better yet, we never heard WVU fans using the “lack of character or classless” terminology when describing scumbags like Pacman Jones and Chris Henry as they terrorized Morgantown on Rich Rod’s watch.

The biggest hypocrite is West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, who went on a rant about how flawed the college system is. 

“High-priced agents” are to blame.” writes Manchin, “[U]nfortunately, over the last two years, I have seen Rich become a victim of a college coaching system driven by high-priced agents that has turned those dreams into just another back-room business deal…I wish Rich and his family nothing but the best, but I challenge everyone in our state and across this country to start looking more closely at the system that we’ve allowed these agents to create, because in the end, it serves no one well but them.”   

Why didn’t he have the same scathing remarks back in April when WVU robbed K-State of their head coach?

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