Boy, I can’t let this go. Can you blame me with this story? A double-dip stupid fans + stupid radio executive = Mr. Sunshine heart attack!!!

Finally, someone told Mountaineer fans to lighten up….it’s a god damn football team! It’s always a solid radio gag to bust the balls of your listeners. Unless the listeners are psychos backed by gutless radio execs.

A Charleston radio personality was suspended from his job for refusing to tone down his on-air excitement over former WVU head football coach Rich Rodriguez’s decision to take the head job at the University of Michigan.

Coach Kidd, a Michigan native, co-hosts the morning talk show on Electric 102.7 FM. For the past couple days, he’s dominated the show’s content with his feelings on how Rodriguez’s job change will be a boon to the Wolverines football program — much to the dismay of listeners.

After playing the Wolverines’ fight song for a fourth time this morning, Coach Kidd was yanked off the air.

“Basically, it boils down to insubordination,” said Wade Hill, the station’s program manager. “He was just taking it a little too far.”

Hill said the decision to suspend Coach Kidd came from upper-level management about 7:40 a.m. today. Hill said he’s been trying to work something out with the station’s administrators to see if he can get Coach Kidd back on the air.

Please call or write management at this station and tell them to quit!!!! It’s Bristol Broadcasting. Programming contact is garyblake@bristolbroadcasting.com or call 304-744-7020

Listeners have been complaining that Coach Kidd’s extravagant support of Rodriguez’s controversial decision is disrespectful to the state.

Considering the fragile emotions in the state this week, Hill said Coach Kidd was warned three times to change the subject away from his glee over Rodriguez’s move.

It’s a FOOTBALL TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disrespectful to the state? Huh? Pacman Jones and Chris Henry sticking around on campus wasn’t disrespectful? 

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  1. Chris Says:

    First and foremost “Coach Kidd” sucked… he should’ve been fired for being a sh*tty radio personality. Second, Jones and Henry never “stuck around” campus. They caused a little trouble while at WVU, but ran out of Morgantown as soon as they were eligible to declare for the draft (ie. spit on women, drive drunk, and shoot at strip club employees).

  2. The Plague Says:

    Trust me, this is a lost cause. I lived in a couple cities in WV for years and there were houses painted with the local teams colors, and interiors to match. The biggest political issues in Elkins revolved around the high school team’s name. I don’t know what it is, but they have Osama-level zealotry for football over there.

  3. […] Plus didn’t West Virgnia withdraw from the process when it decided to revolt against a DJ, who pulled an on-air stunt? […]

  4. embarrassed to be a west virginian Says:

    As a Huntington native and life long marshall fan I know first hand of the complete boneheads that populate this state. It wasn’t disrespectful to the state it was disrespectful to the people who think that by WVU winning a bowl game their lives are all now suddenly peachy. The fiesta bowl win will take them off of wellfare and foodstamps etc. I hate WVU and their fans with a deep rooted passion that grows greater by the day I just wish that the few smart WVU fans would realize the stupidity of their cohorts and maybe help tone it down a tad. Burn a la z boy for me guys
    embarrassed to be a west virginian

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