Hughes talked about his relationship with the former heavyweight champ and slammed Sylvia below the belt.

After hearing about the comments, Sylvia surprised us by saying Hughes is still his friend.

Sylvia said sometimes people put stuff in print just to sell books. He did mention that maybe Hughes has lost his way a little.

He also said there’s a chance with Hughes spilling the dirt on others, there could be some bitter Miletich team members who may fire back with their own stories.

Sylvia also talked about Fedor, Randy Couture, and said the UFC will announce the plan for the heavyweight title during the UFC 79 PPV.



Below you can check out the The Sun excerpts from the Hughes book “Made in America”

HUGHES: “Tim Sylvia walked over to me during practice. His back was hunched a bit, like Pat’s is, but Pat I could look in the face. SYLVIA —- ‘Can I talk to you a second?’ he asked.HUGHES — “Sure thing.” He led me into an office and we sat down on two chairs.

SYLVIA —- “No one here’s got a problem with me except you,” he began.

“When I first started, Jens would say I’m a fat piece of s*** who’s never going to amount to anything, and he’d get me crying, but now even Jens likes me. Is there a problem?”

HUGHES — He was waiting for me to tell him there was a big misunderstanding or to apologise, like I wasn’t aware of what I was doing.

“Yeah, I really don’t like you,” I told him.

SYLVIA — “Is there a reason why?”

HUGHES — “I don’t think you’re a team player and I don’t think you work very hard,” I said.

SYLVIA — “How am I not a team player?”

HUGHES — “Remember that whole thing with that girl?” I reminded him. He waved those ridiculously long arms of his in the air.

SYLVIA — “They weren’t even going out!”

HUGHES —- “Yeah, but you knew that your teammate had a thing for her and you went for it anyway. But I don’t even care about that. I’m talking more about training.

“When somebody’s got a fight coming up, everybody tries to make sure the guy’s got some training partners to get ready.

“Everybody tries but you. Your first priority is always Tim, and I don’t think that’s a good attitude.”

I wasn’t angry or even annoyed. I had as much emotion as if I were talking about the contents of a fridge.

“I don’t think you work very hard either. You’re a little sore and you don’t come in.

“Jens, who’s a champion, has been sore and he comes in. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sore.

“No one’s ever going to be 100 percent. You just suck it up and you do it, period.”

I didn’t care one way or another what he said in response – I assumed he’d get defensive or angry.

But he didn’t; he was reasonable.

SYLVIA — “I’m actually hurt to hear you say that. I’ve been a huge fan of yours for a long time and I’ve been trying to model myself on some of your work ethics, and the way Jens works out and stuff like that, and it’s too bad you feel like this.

“There’s nothing more that I want than to be accepted by you and the rest of the guys.”

HUGHES —- “You don’t become accepted by buying yourself a ticket to Vegas, following us around while we’re there when no one really invited you, and then crying – again – when Jens calls you out on it.”

SYLVIA — “Is there anything I can do to be friends with you?”

HUGHES — “Well, right now I have enough friends and I don’t need any more friends,” I said. “Is that it? Are we done here?”

SYLVIA — He let out a deep breath. “Yeah, I guess.”

HUGHES — “Good.” I got up and left.

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  2. Fred Says:

    It’s not a big deal. We don’t know what’s in the rest of the book, and Hughes might have given Tim a lot of props throughout the book. Let’s just wait and see. Egging Tim on to confront Hughes or drop him as a friend is a little over-the-top at this point.

  3. Dom Says:

    Dude, I love your radio show but you’re wayyyy too hard on Matt. Matt doesn’t talk anywhere near as much crap as Serra and you shouldn’t keep egging on Sylvia about it until you read it. I expect an official apology from your website if it turns out that Hughes props to Sylvia in that book.

    Also, Hughes talked crap about GSP because GSP came in the ring after his biggest win and said “I’m not impressed with your performance”… Why do you keep pointing out the dick things that Hughes says but and forget about the things that GSP says??

  4. Dom Says:

    Also, I’m becomng a Tim Sylvia fan, most guys in the fight game wouldn’t give their honest opinion about Fedor and Randy.

  5. The Plague Says:

    Something I found interesting: Tim says Brock has no future in the UFC etc. but in the Faber issue of Fight magazine, Pat Miletich said about Brock- “In five years, he’ll have a belt.” Either Pat knows Tim will retire within five years or they are on very different wavelengths. It’s not like either one is going anywhere but heavyweight.

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  7. Mike Calimbas Says:

    Poor Sylvia. People always have a reason to pick on this guy!

  8. […] najpierw co o Timie Sylvia napisał Matt Hughes w swojwj biografii. Słucham teraz wywiadu z Timem w podcascie Mr. Sunshine […]

  9. Birdman Says:

    Fred is right, what’s the deal with egging the guy on? This is one tiny excerpt from the book, it could be simply explaining how Hughes did not initially like Sylvia and later changed his mind.

  10. nate Says:

    tim silvia, you da man!!

  11. Cofield Says:

    Addressing Fred…be quiet Fred or no more prizes from Cheetahs!!

    Addressing Dom on the point of being too hard on Matt.

    I’ll check out the book and we’ll see what it says. Don’t expect an apology. I still think the story is over the top in cutting on Sylvia even if his point was to say their relationship got better over the years.

    As far as GSP goes. Georges came in the ring and said he wasn’t impressed. with a Hughes win.

    Matt responded by attacking St. Pierre’s heritage. Is that the same thing? I’ll print what he tell me.

    Hughes had told a Los Angeles station that “Georges is French and the French didn’t make war with us. They don’t have a real warrior spirit. They don’t have any heart. So the fight is going to be easy. Georges is going to give up because of that.”

    “Well, if you look back at history, I don’t think Canada’s had big wars or anything like that. They’re not a violent country, can we say that? Would you agree?” the 170-pound champion asked the reporter.

    Told Canada had done its bit, Hughes responded: “You’ve done your bit. Well I’m from America and I think we’re fighters, as a country. Look where we’re at, we’re all over. That’s what I was talking about.”

    So Canadians aren’t fighters, Hughes was then asked.

    “I don’t see you guys venturing out trying to help the world out, we’ll say that,”

  12. Birdman Says:

    Yughez could probably use a bit of humility either way. I was just saying we don’t know what the deal is by that small excerpt regarding Sylvia. But I do agree Yughez could use some humility and I think the White Star Ninja gave him a very generous serving of humble pie last night.

  13. […] Sylvia says he’s not mad at Hughes. In an interview with Mr. Sunshine, which took place shortly before UFC 79, The Maine-iac said that the conversation took place about […]

  14. brianueda Says:

    Tim Silvia sucks. He has a goofy stance and puts the audience to sleep more than his opponents. Time to get out of the game Tim. Please. I won’t watch anymore UFC with Tim the Boring-ac Silvia.

  15. Brian Ueda Says:

    Hello Mr. Sunshine!

    Got an email regarding my post:

    I don’t think Sylvia “sucks.” He does have limitations and his level of aggressiveness is disappointing. You have to admit he’s still a legit top 5 heavyweight. He was beating the piss out of Nog until the submission.

    Thanks for the feedback

    Obviously ‘sucks’ is a generalization, he has some skills to be fighting at that level.

    I will take exception to the comment about he is a legit top 5 heavyweight. Being in the top 5 of anything when there are only about 5 people to draw from doesn’t make you deserving of an elite position in one of the top fighting bodies around.

    Tim is flat boring to watch in almost every match and that is the real issue. Tim should never be headlining a card and hopefully the UFC is in agreement with the majority of fans out there at the moment.

  16. Brian Ueda Says:

    Told Canada had done its bit, Hughes responded: “You’ve done your bit. Well I’m from America and I think we’re fighters, as a country. Look where we’re at, we’re all over. That’s what I was talking about.”

    This too is really ignorant.

    Canada pride’s itself as having a tradition of peace keeping. Something this world needs more of.

    Canada has also made contributions in nearly every major war that the US was involved in and is currently responsible for securing the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan.

    I’d suggest the country boy do a little reading/school/current events.

    Thanks to GSP for dominating what seems to be a very arrogant/ignorant personality in Matt Hughes and doing so with class.

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