Media insider is reporting that ESPNRadio has demanded that affiliates around the country stop posting pictures and videos pertaining to the Dana Jacobson fiasco.  


Wasn’t it ESPN that blew up the story, even putting it on SportsCenter?

Phil Mushnick, N.Y. Post, says Boomer Esiason could next fall victim to the PC police with his radio show.

On the other side of the street, although closer to the gutter, Esiason’s the five-mornings-a-week co-host of WFAN-Radio’s “Boomer and Carton” show.

Craig Carton plays by the rules. He adheres to the drive-time formula of crotch-talk, putdown-talk, young wise guy-talk and the excessive, desensitizing degradation of whatever and whomever. He’s what used to be known, until they became radio requisite, as a shock jock.

But such a double-life can’t last forever. Esiason can’t, for example, on TV, condemn the incivilities of a professional athlete, but, on his radio show regularly suffer the public incivilities of his partner – not without eventually being discredited.

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