Meet Edith Larente, UFC’s new Octagon girl. Our friends over at Fightlinker.com have dubbed her “Horseface.”

They’re insane!!


I wanted to get a closer look at Ms. Edith at Ultimate Fight Night this week. I made sure to snap a few shots of her. I was practically sitting in her lap and freaked her out by constantly staring at her.


I don’t get it…what is Fightlinker seeing? Here’s a link to more photos


BTW…the “Horseface” thing has really taken off.


Nice message posting by Jemaleddin at Fightlinker trying to explain her absence at UFC 80 in England.

7. Edith only does PPVs and not promos because she’s not used to giving it away for free.

6. She forgot to take our her junk-piercing at the airport and is now working as an escort in Gitmo.

5. Still waiting in quarantine with two german shepherds and a shitzu.

4. EU labor laws don’t allow horses to do the work of humans.

3. Evidently, even the English standards of acceptable teeth have their limits.

2. Was already booked for a steeplechase.

1. Since she’s a student, she’s probably keeping up with her animal husbandry class, if you know what I mean. And I mean having guys touch her boobs. With a bag on her head. For money. Because she’s a horse-faced hooker.

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  1. It’s because of her face … that’s the thing attached to her neck above those gigantor boobies 😉

  2. […] hard time around here, but we never really expected the whole ‘horseface’ nickname to take off across the MMA scene like it has. Of course, if the saddle […]

  3. Chuckie Says:

    She’s gross and very fake looking.Kinda like a porn star.Why can’t they have ring girls for every round?At least the previous ring girls were natural beauties.That girl is not attractive at all.HORSEFACE!!

  4. killerbud99 Says:

    Yeah I have to agree she isn’t the best looking thats for sure

  5. […] Maybe we can finally put this “horseface” thing to rest. We thought we struck a blow for the beauty, Edith Larente, with our photo collection. […]

  6. joe Says:

    butterface 4 sure

  7. […] belly, the schnoz and the balding dome all on full display. I never understood why Edith won’t give me […]

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