This was a solid show with appearances by Frank Mir, Nate Marquardt and Dana White. White talked the future for Mir and Lesnar. He also addressed the hot rumor swirling around the media center… 






The other voices you hear from ESPNRadio920/1100 are Cofield and Adam Hill, Las Vegas Review Journal. Remember the show streams at after every big fight at roughly 10:30p PT.

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  1. […] rumors of a potential UFC sale were running rampant this past weekend at UFC 81 in Las Vegas and Steve Cofield of Fox Sports Radio 1460 asked UFC president Dana White to comment on them during a post-show radio […]

  2. chuck Says:

    What an ass kisser you are cofield, Fedor DOMINATED Noguiera 2 times, and the guy just choked out tim sylvia, yet you follow Dana’s bull shit?
    It took randy 5 rounds to get a decision victory against an injured Tim Sylvia and Noguiera put him away in the third. Clearly Fedor is a better fighter than Noguiera and you guys call him Fedor a ‘joke’. It’s one thing to say he has hasn’t fought top competition in teo years, but its ridiculous and foolish to say he isn’t at least top 5 in the world.

  3. Bratishka Says:

    Dana is a joke. Fedor is #1 fighter in the world and there is nothing Dana can do about it. UFC Heavyweight champion was beat by Fedor twice!!!

  4. […] After UFC 81: Fedor Still A Farce Part 3, six minutes in. THE JEWELERS OF LAS VEGAS POST-FIGHT SHOW Mr. Sunshine There’s also a lot of other great stuff. __________________ THERE WILL BE GREED. THERE […]

  5. HERE Says:

    “Fedor is a farce.”? Randy says he has one fight left, should it be agianst the best guy in the world, Fedor, or Nog the second best. Hell, why not just sue Randy so we don’t even have to worry about questions like “who the best fighter is.”

    Nice job making fun of Hong Man Choi, remind me again what the difference between Choi and Lesnar is?

    I love what Dana’s for the sport but a least ask him to give fighters the respect they deserve.

  6. fedorfan! Says:

    In the words of “Dana White” Fedor Emilenanko is so far the best mma fighter.. and now because he wont join the ufc hes not! yep like you said hes a “farce” hes last good fight was against crocop who lost thats true but he also beat nogueira 4 times and beat the shit out of him and if i can see correctly nogueira is the heavy champ since coture isnt coming back! also coture is right to leave hes beaten the best of the ufc heavyweight chumps ! bring in someone that will give him a good run for his money, bring in the best! FEDOR FAN! (FEDOR IS THE BEST DANA ADMIT IT!)

  7. Sam Cupitt Says:

    Sweet stuff. You get the people we want to here from and you ask them the questions we wanted answered.

  8. […] listen to Steve Cofield’s interview with Dana White after UFC 81, please visit: Share it: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new […]

  9. mrsunshinevegas Says:

    That’s a good point. He rips Fedor all the time, I should’ve called him on that.

    He is wrong on that. I am a wimp.

    Adam Hill admitted he’s a pussy too.

    I do agree with you, we should’ve said something.

  10. […] as well).…choi-hong-man/ Audio evidence here… THE JEWELERS OF LAS VEGAS POST-FIGHT SHOW Mr. Sunshine […]

  11. […] Posted by Warchief…choi-hong-man/ Audio evidence here… THE JEWELERS OF LAS VEGAS POST-FIGHT SHOW Mr. Sunshine Sorry but that is FUNNY!!! I loved the movie Sixteen Candles especially the character Long Duck […]

  12. chuck Says:

    I appreciate your taking the criticism mrsunshine. As for the whole Pride debate i think its silly, but sure shogun and cro cop lost. Shogun is stil young, and cro cop seems to be at the tail end of his career.

    However Rampage seems to be doing fine, Marcus Aurelio is making a comeback. Anderson Silva has a mediocre showing in Pride with 2 losses. Everyone points out the Ryo Chonan loss, but I urge you to Check out his loss to Daiju Takase, Anderson was destroyed in that fight, but I’m sure the outcome would be different now. Now with Noguiera as the current champ, 3 of the 5 titles belong to guys who made a their career in Pride (albeit Anderson Silva fought in Cage Rage alot).

    So in retrospect, Pride won where it counted although the whole debate was silly to begin with. I hope you don’t fall into Dana’s trap when discussing this issue with him.

  13. […] a very good interview with Steve Cofield of ESPN Radio 920 out of Las Vegas, NV, Frank Mir talks about his fight with […]

  14. peter Says:

    you talk to dana and don’t mention anything on the main event. What a load of huey…

  15. Bungyo Says:

    I was going to complain that you didn’t take Dana to task when he called Fedor a farce and the UFC’s new interim HW Champ has lost to the “farce” twice but I see others have beaten me to it. Honestly, I wasn’t an immediate fan of your’s but once I saw that you were willing to ask tough questions to fighters and people in the industry I was swayed. I truly believe the question just didn’t occur to you and hope that you’ll ask Dana about that in the future. Keep up the excellent work. You do some of the best interviews in MMA.

  16. […] Posted by Warchief…choi-hong-man/ Audio evidence here… THE JEWELERS OF LAS VEGAS POST-FIGHT SHOW Mr. Sunshine …and another step towards establishing MMA as a sport deserving of recognition and respect is […]

  17. […] desde diciembre del 2007 y en dias pasados resurgio el tema en una entrevista a Dana White para ESPN Radio 920. En esta entrevista Dana niega que la empresa este en venta pero con el antecedente de PRIDE no me […]

  18. […] doesn’t mean to offened. Dana is clearly making a straight remark on Choi. Audio evidence here…THE JEWELERS OF LAS VEGAS POST-FIGHT SHOW Mr. Sunshine […]

  19. […] to offened. Dana is clearly making a straight insensitive remarks on Choi. Audio evidence here…THE JEWELERS OF LAS VEGAS POST-FIGHT SHOW Mr. Sunshine For being butt sensitive. I dont think you understand your own post. Or maybe you are […]

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