I wanted to thank everyone for checking the blog and listening to our White convo from the weekend.

I’ve received a few complaints about questions that should’ve been asked. We’ll get a 1-on-1 sitdown with Dana soon, if not…we’ll ask him YOUR questions at the next press conference.  Post questions here and we’ll see what we can do.

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  1. Zarza Says:

    Ask him what he thinks about Fedor now. The UFC interim heavyweight champ Noguiera has been dominated 2 times by Fedor.

  2. ossBASHA Says:

    To Dana: When is the UFC going to take event production value to another level?

  3. […] as a side note, Steve Cofield has asked people to send him some hard questions for Dana White which he’ll toss either during an interview or at a press conference. So go […]

  4. Steve Walling Says:

    Why can’t Zuffa/UFC allow HDNET’s Inside MMA to air video footage of there events? What’s stopping that from happening?

  5. Michael Rome Says:

    Hey Steve, here are a few questions Dana may have a hard time ducking. There aren’t in any particular order of importance. Some of em are tough, some just things I wanna know.

    1) If Tito Ortiz beats Lyoto Machida, does that make him a contender to the Light Heavyweight title? If so, will The UFC do what is necessary to resign him?

    2) If Randy agreed to come back and fight Nogueira, would you agree to do what’s necessary to make the Fedor fight happen?

    3) What are the odds of ever seeing Randy/Nogueira when you are suing a party you want to come back?

    4) What is next for Brock Lesnar? Will he continue to fight big names, or will it be a slow build process?

    5) With the induction of Mark Coleman, is there any chance of having him fight in the UFC?

    6) First the Fedor talks collapsed, then Randy left, and now Tito Ortiz is talking of leaving. Millions of fans love watching Randy and Tito, what is going on, and why can’t the organization find a ways to make such big stars happy?

  6. Steve Walling Says:

    If UFC and WEC are #1 and #2 who do you see as your closest competition, be it for management, or simply from fighter talent?

  7. Steve Walling Says:

    What can be done to improve the referee’s ability to make accuarate decisions and keep the action moving? And what do i have to do to become one? It’s a dream of mine to be able to mix it up in The Octagon with the best athletes in the world… without being knocked out or armbarred. Obviously i would need experience in smaller shows before i could make it in the big leagues, but i’m ready to be the Commissioner of Referees if you are able to create such a position for me. Thanks, love the UFC and what you’ve done with it, keep up the hard work.

  8. T Says:


    1. The only un-avenged losses your heavyweight champion has on his record are to Fedor Emelianenko – the man you repeatedly call a farce. The two losses were about as lop-sided as they come without someone being carried out of the ring Vovchanchyn-Enoue style. So how is one guy #1 in the world when his only real losses were to a “farce”?

    2. What does Dana White think of Joe Rogan – his main color announcer – even saying Dana is “full of shit” about Fedor? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x49k8y_joe-rogan-on-fedor-and-dana-bullshi_fun

    3. Since 2005, Nogueira has beaten Zulu (the man Dana always makes sure to point out that Fedor has fought as an example of the “farce”), Werdum, split matches with Josh Barnett, and almost got knocked out by Heath Herring (a man he had already beaten twice). Under what basis did this deserve a title shot? I only ask this because I agree that Nogueira deserved it due to his victories over Werdum and Barnett, but Dana repeatedly mentions how terrible Barnett is and how he doesn’t matter (even though Barnett stopped Randy Couture in his first title run). So if Barnett doesn’t count, and nothing before 2005 counts (see below), what gives?

    4. In repeated interviews you call Randy Couture the #1 ranked heavyweight in the world – how did he get this? By beating Tim Sylvia (who just lost to Nogueira) and Gabriel Gonzaga (who just lost to Fabricio Werdum)? Not to mention his previous two heavyweight matches were both stoppage losses to Ricco Rodriguez and Josh Barnett.

    5. According to the Sun interview Dana White said that Fedor is a farce because he hasn’t fought “a real fight since 2005”. If those fights don’t matter, why does he then go on to talk about Chuck knocking Randy “out-cold”, even though that happened in 2005? Why the double standard?

    6. During the broadcast of the Sokoudjou and Machida fight, Joe Rogan mentioned that Joe Silva slipped him a note saying “This isn’t Japan”. Regardless of the fact that Machida had fought in Japan more times than Sokoudjou, why are the executives in the UFC apparently perpetuating the PRIDE vs UFC rivalry? Aren’t they supposed to leave that to the message boards and instead act like adults?

    7. You mentioned that there was a deadline of February 4th for Mirko Filipovic to respond – what exactly was this a deadline for? Was it an offered fight? Was it a deadline for accepting a contract revision (i.e. pay cut)? Why a deadline for a contracted fighter?

    8. I could go on, please let me know if you need more.

  9. T Says:

    One more, and it is something a little bit more topical: according to today’s Wrestling Observer, “Pride FC Worldwide Holdings (basically the dummy company set up by UFC after the Pride purchase) have failed a lawsuit against Dream Stage Entertainment, Dream Stage Holdings and Nobuyuki Sakakibara claiming they were defrauded millions of dollars in the purchase of the Pride and Pride Bushido brands.” Is this because the PRIDE staff basically ran Yarrenoka and the upcoming World Victory Road promotions, as well as joining K1’s HERO’s under the Grand Partnership? What can the UFC realistically recoup from this? Didn’t they fire the staff anyways – so how can they claim they were defrauded? How were they so brazenly taken advantage of? Was it lack of due diligence? Could this have all been avoided if the UFC had realistic intentions of running a card in Japan? And I don’t want to open a Zach Arnold-sized can of worms, but how does Dana feel about alleged organized crime involvement in the Japanese MMA scene and did that have any affect on what happened?

  10. chuck Says:

    With Joe Silva handing notes that ‘it isn’t Japan’ to Joe Rogan during Sokoudjou’s loss to Machida (ironically Lyoto’s father who’s japanese trained him in Karate), and Dana high fiving the Fertitas after Shogun’s loss to Forrest, did Dana buy into the whole Pride vs UFC argument to create a storyline that would bring in old Pride fans using controversy to generate more PPV buys?

    In his UFC 83 press announcement, he says that there are no Pride fighters, that they are all UFC fighters, which is a total backpeddling before the Noguiera win. Why wasn’t Shogun considered a UFC fighter then, why did he bad mouth Cro Cop and other great fighters who made their name in Japan in the UFC 76 post fight press conference with his anti-Japan rant?

  11. chuck Says:

    What is Dana’s opinion on Kimbo Slice? He trains with Bas Rutten, does he consider Kimbo a freakshow?

    Further, on the topic of fighter acquisitions what about acquiring Matt Lindland and Little Nog. Is Dana able to put his petty beefs aside and get guys like Josh Barnett and Lindland into the UFC?

  12. The Legend Says:

    Win,Lose, or Draw is Tito’s next fight his last in the UFC? He has some interesting fights left.

  13. TIGERTAO Says:

    Why does Dana insist upon insulting every fighter that doesn’t fight in his promotion and does he believe this is a professional way to run the biggest MMA promotion in the world?

    Is his head really that shiny or does he have it professionally buffed, waxed and polished?

  14. Mike Says:

    Are there any plans to release DVDs showcasing the best matches of particular fighters? In the past few years, the WWE has made a killing on DVD retrospectives of popular wrestlers. These retrospectives are typically multi-disc sets, and include a documentary about the wrestler and several rare or important wrestling matches in unclipped form. It strikes me that similarly comprehensive retrospectives* of top UFC fighters, like Chuck Liddell, Rampage Jackson, and Matt Hughes, would also sell quite well.

    *Although the UFC has released a DVD focusing on Chuck Liddell, it is barely an hour long and only shows clips of a few matches. I’d imagine there’d be a much larger market for a more substantive retrospective on Liddell.

  15. Thanks for opening this up!

    Q1. Since Zuffa owns both UFC and WEC will there ever be a Mega event(like Super Saturday ’09) Champion vs Champion.

    Q2. Where is Mark Hunt and his contract status, you mentioned last year he was under contract with the UFC, can he not make the weight of heavyweight?

    Q3. Is the UFC going to break into Mexico this year and have an event there?

    Q4. What is the main reason you can’t not get the Fedor Vs. Randy fight on a UFC Card? Is it due to giving M-1 recognigtion in the MMA World, if their Champion beats the UFC Champion?

    Just a few Questions feel free to re-phrase them in any way. If any at all I would really like to see what is going on with Mark Hunt. I would love to see him in the UFC octagon!!

    Thanks Shelby

  16. Q5. Why not sign Josh Barnett? The fans want to see him in the UFC and fight the likes of NOG, Arlovski, Big Tim, Kongo and Lesnar. Do you think sometimes your ego gets in the way of signing fighters that call out the UFC for not signing them?

    Q6. What is the status on Mirko Cro Cop will he be fighting in the UFC again, my understanding is the UFC gave him a deadline on Feb 4th, that date has passed, what is new?

  17. Q7: What is going on with the newtwork Television deal? and When?

  18. Dana! How do you feel about http://www.Sherdog.com now? Will you ever make an account? We love you here at sherdog!

  19. Mika Says:

    Is UFC gonna come to central Europe any time soon?

  20. Fred Says:

    Thank you for the numerous interviews you’ve had with Dana. Those interviews are always lively and informative. Anyone who is “complaining” because you didn’t ask some specific question of Dana at a given time is a total idiot. You can’t please some people.

    Keep up the good work. Steve. Some of us appreciate hearing from promoters and fighters, and you are one of the few who regularly posts great audio interviews.

  21. T Says:

    One last thing – I would like to echo Fred’s comments in that Steve is very much appreciated for his reporting on the MMA community. It always seems to be Steve’s questions that prompt the most thought provoking (or flame stoking in the case of Long Duck Dong) answers from Dana. Ideally I’d like to see more tough follow up questions, as when Dana is asked a good question he generally obfuscates and muddies the issue in order to get out of really answering the question. And the only guy who has offered these tough follow ups at news conferences or interviews has been Steve.

    So again, thank you Steve for all that you do and please keep up the good work.

  22. Mike Says:

    Q? IS the dissmissal of Balau in your opinion fair? The same foul for an extended choke that was not broken despite referee intervention happened with BJ Penn against Jens Pulver. Why was BJ Penn not fined and then fired as Babalu was? Seemed at best highly biased on White’s part.

  23. chuck Says:

    Ask dana to clarify the controversy surrounding xyience

  24. T Says:

    Just a couple more questions…

    With the news that Pride Worldwide (company set up by the Fertitas) is suing DSE (former owners of PRIDE), there are many great questions:

    1) Dana said the purchase was “the worst deal done in the history of business.” How so? What exactly was so bad? Hopefully Steve can get more than Dana saying “PRIDE was a mess” or “it took 7 months to pull together”.

    2) We have seen little PRIDE footage used to promote former PRIDE stars – why is that? Does the UFC own the video library? There are rumors that Fuji TV owns it, and even that Fedor owns his own footage. If the UFC does own it, why have we seen almost none of it used? Clarification from Dana would help.

    3) To piggyback on 2, if the UFC owns the footage then when will the remainder of the PRIDE events be released on DVD?

    4) How could the non-transferrable nature of PRIDE contracts not be discovered during due-diligence? That seems like the first thing anyone would have checked.

    5) What does Dana think of Tim leveraging M1 for any new deal? The follow up question would be on what un-televised prelim will Tim Sylvia be fighting Jake O’Brien on in 6 months?

    6) To echo Chuck, clarification on the Xyience controvery would be appreciated. Essentially, did Dana know the Fertitas were the main backers of Xyience?

    If he did know, how could he then use them to acquire the $325 million loan? Does he see any conflict of interest in Xyience (ie the UFC) promoting certain fighters? How does Dana feel about all money from the Fertitas that went into Xyience was used for the UFC sponsorship while leaving many fighters unpaid who were due money?

    If Dana didn’t know, is he concerned that the Fertitas are operating and possibly committing fraud without his knowledge?

    I think the bottom line is that with so many things swirling around the UFC, now is the perfect time for an interview with questions like the one posted on this page. I wish Steve luck in getting some of these answered.

  25. Ask Dana if Kevin Iole spits or swallows

  26. The Plague Says:

    Does the end of the writers strike mean the end of any opportunity for a network tv deal for the UFC, since they no longer have such a need for unscripted shows?

  27. brainshoe Says:

    Ask Dana why one of the most exciting fighters (and most popular with fans) the UFC has ever had is burried in the ufc 82 card. Let him know that he has lost my ppv money for this fight and the $$ of many others in my circle. Not only should AA have a higher profile match, his match against O’B has generated more interest than all but two fights at the top of the card. Does DW have internet access? If I was Arlovski I’d fight for someone else for less money just to send a message to the likes of Dana White. I hope he spits on any offer made by the ufc before or after this fight unless he’s gauranteed a title shot. Even then, he should think long and hard about it.

  28. The Plague Says:

    Was Crocop’s departure due to the UFC wanting to renegotiate his contract after his losses? Is there a chance of him returning if he racks up a few wins in DREAM?

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