This was a great double-dip. One world champ and another top five fighter in his weight class.


Kessler is ready for stardom in the U.S. The Dane lost his coming out party to Joe Calzaghe. It was one of those rare fights where both fighters came out big winners. Kessler spoke about that loss and felt like a hand injury held him back. He also wants a rematch with Calzaghe. He’ll have to wait for Calzaghe to go through Bernard Hopkins and very likely, Roy Jones Jr.

Kessler is on hand in Las Vegas with hopes that he will get the loser of the Pavlik-Taylor fight. He also spoke about the need for European fighters to hit U.S. shores to get the respect from the boxing media worldwide.  

Malignaggi, a champ at 140 pounds, was very outspoken about the state of boxing. He said the politics have to stop and spoke with fighthype.com (in the video below) at a past fight about the same issue. Some fans feel like Malignaggi is a whiner.

From MexicanSlugger31 on Youtube: Stop plucking your eyebrows and work on your power. Maybe somebody would want to see your boring ass fight if you could put away your oppenents…stop whining.

Paulie feels his career is stalling because of his style and not being affiliated with one of the big promotional companies. He is 24-1 with his only loss coming against top five pound-for-pound fighter Miguel Cotto.  

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