hillarypavlik.jpgWho knew Arum was so passionate about Hillary Clinton?

I didn’t and that’s why I nearly got bitch slapped by the boxing octogenarian. My partner Dave Cokin softened things to start with some talk of Arum’s favorite team, the Giants and their Super Bowl 42 victory.

Then the convo turned toward the MLB congressional hearings. There was a little ball-busting talk about “President” McCain. And then all hell broke loose when some jokes were made about Hillary. Mt. St. Bob begins to erupt around 2:08.

One observation…before I experience another Cokin/Arum sandwich, I need to smoke 47 packs a day. Raspy is an understatement with these guys.

Seriously though, Bob hurt my feelings. He called me a Clinton hater and a Republican. Tisk, tisk. If Arum’s antics don’t cost Hillary precious votes then this Youtube video should make us all run to polling places and scream Obama!! Obama!!

Hillary Clinton- Making Our Dreams Come True

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