410pictures-006.jpgYet another sign of why MMA is surging closer to traditional favorites like the NBA, College Football, MLB and College Hoops. 

UFC fans have yearned for longer shows on both Spike and UFC pay-per-view. Apparently TV execs have a lot more respect for MMA fans versus those other sports.

Fightlinker.com did a great job of pushing the issue. Fans were asked to email Spike to request April’s Ultimate Fight Night 13 be a three hour telecast. It’s not official yet but word is leaking that Spike relented and will extend the broadcast.

Here is a sample form email that was sent off to Spike..these guys are funny. Ha-Ha!

Subject: UFC Fight Night 13 on April 2nd

Dear Benevolent Spike TV Executives

How about making UFC Fight Night on April 2nd a three hour show instead of two? I don’t know if you pay attention to stuff like this (you are probably pretty busy finding manswers to all our questions), but the fight card is pretty damn spectacular. I don’t know how ratings work, but I am confident in saying that if you make this show one hour longer, your ratings will quadrouple. Hell, they’ll probably tetracize. This results in more money for you, which you can spend on more James Bond marathons or more golden beds full of hot women. And it will also result in more happiness and joy for us, your loyal MMA watching fan.

So please, make UFC Fight Night on April 2nd a three hour show instead of two. You say that you are a network for men. It is time to prove this claim. Help me Spike TV, you’re my only hope. That was a star wars reference. Sweet.

Insert your name here.

UFC is also listening to its fans. The promotion was criticized at the end of 2007 for less than scintillating cards at UFC 77 and 78. This by far is the deepest UFC card ever.


Kenny Florian v. Joe Lauzon

Thiago Alves vs. Karo Parisyan

Houston Alexander vs. James Irvin

Nate Diaz vs. Kurt Pellegrino (late addition?)

Tim Boetsch vs. Matt Hamill


Marcus Aurelio vs. Spencer Fisher

Frank Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

Roman Mitichyan vs. George Sotiropoulos

Anthony Johnson vs. Tommy Speer

Josh Neer vs. Din Thomas

Clay Guida vs. Samy Schiavo

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