You watch Silva’s KO of Tony Fryklund and it does have the WOW factor. But can Silva’s work in the Octagon alone drive him to the top of the heap salary-wise? I’m starting to think there’s no shot.

We’ve seen Silva before several fights now with UFC. It’s the same thing everytime. Pure boredom.

Is it a language barrier? Do the translators do a terrible job? Or does Anderson just not get it? Nice ALL THE TIME doesn’t sell.

We covered the Bernard Hopkins-Joe Calzaghe press conference in Las Vegas on Thursday. Both guys got up and said they’d kick the sh*t out of the other. Hopkins is flashing his executioner sign and slashing the throat.

They spoke for three minutes combined and the juices got flowing:

“Bitch, I’m going to make you cry,” Hopkins told super-middleweight world champion Calzaghe.

“Hopkins is a bully, simple as that,” said Calzaghe. “I’m not intimidated by him, I just find it funny that a grown man like him carries on the way he does. Let’s see who’s doing the talk after the fight.”

It was interesting when someone yelled, “Get them in the Octagon.” I then heard the same fans say, “let these guys fight Kimbo, Tito, Liddell,” etc. I never heard Silva. Can Silva ever reach the casual MMA fan without some pre-fight pizazz?

Below are some of the questions for and answers from Silva during the UFC 82 teleconference. It’s mind-numbing.

Some examples..

1. Silva/translator, “He respects Dan Henderson and it’s going to be an honor to fight him”

2. Question: Nogueira submitted Henderson, has he given you some tips?

Silva/translator, “He’s been training me a long time, nothing on Dan.

3. Silva/translator, “You have to be focused on what you want and you’ll achieve.”

4.  Question: If you fought your clone what would happen? What’s the key to beating your clone?

Silva/translator, “It’s better just to think about it. It’s not reality. He doesn’t know how he would do.”

Jesus! When you’re afraid to break down a fight with yourself for fear of pissing off the opponent (YOU!!!!!!!!!), there’s something wrong.


Winning comes first. Money and asses in the seats matter too. If Silva is the best “pound-for-pound” in MMA, this pay is little short of that title.

UFN 5 – $36000

UFC 64 – $50000

UFC 67 – $71000

UFC 73 – $90000

UFC 77 – $120000

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  1. […] Anderson Silva too boring? Mr Sunshine makes the argument that Anderson Silva’s just too damn nice to sell. Guess he’s never met Georges St Pierre. Also worth noting are the spectacular […]

  2. barry mckockenner Says:

    Personally, i dont give a rats ass what any of the fighters say, its all about what they can achieve inside the ring/cage/octagon. If you really think that Anderson Silva is too “boring” for you, then perhaps you should stop watching MMA and stick to watching fake wrestling and boxing, b/c obviously .. you are more in to the drama that surrounds the fight then the actual fight itself… are u a fan? or are you some kind of Dana White wanna-be with this little rant about putting asses in seats?

    what a tool.

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