planethollywood.jpgFor a tough looking badass, Chuck is a damn cool guy.

He carved about 20 minutes to sit down with us after the Joe Calzaghe-Bernard Hopkins press event at Planet Hollywood. PH is looking to be a big player in Vegas. It may be why Robert Earl, head of Planet Hollywood, paid 11.5 million for the fight (site fee is usually 2-5 mill for a big fight). Earl has employed Zito to be one of the pitch men for the event.

Chuck was cool but I still had to behave like a complete puss during the interview. I wasn’t going to use the Bob Arum or even Tim Sylvia interview approach. I felt safe during those sitdowns. Bob is too old to kick my ass and Tim has a little self control. I get the idea if Chuck snapped, the ass whooping would begin.

He talked about his love of both MMA and boxing. And how he’s brawled with celebs he dislikes, Jean Claude Van Damme and Mickey Rourke to name a few.

His made his mark as a bodyguard…from Wikipedia:

While attending a motorcycle show in 1980, Zito met one of the bodyguards for actor Robert Conrad. This experience inspired him to start his own bodyguard service, naming it Charlie’s Angels Bodyguard Service, a reference to his Hells Angels affiliation. His bodyguard business developed slowly, until he was hired by Liza Minnelli. She recommended his services to her celebrity friends, and he quickly started making contacts throughout Hollywood. Some of those celebrities include Liza Minnelli, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts, Charles Bronson, and Sylvester Stallone.[2]

Chuck’s an amazing story. The guy served time in jail for drug trafficking in the late 80’s and since made himself into a tough guy icon.


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  1. The Plague Says:

    That was fantastic. I liked Oz a lot, but I became a true fan of Chuck’s after Stern started playing those hilarious clips of his radio show.

  2. ben Says:

    zito is an ignoramious – calzaghe is welsh not english like hatton.

    different fans.

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