floyd1.jpgKeep an eye on the mainstream media and if they glom onto the upcoming Big Show v. Mayweather act that will be unveiled at Wrestlemania 24.

One note of slight interest, I keep seeing Floyd listed at 5-foot-8. We’re being dicks on this one, but if Floyd is 5-foot-8, then I’m 6-foot. I had to re-post this photo simply to see my tablecloth button down shirt looking all warped again.

I digress. Vince already has one midget story line working. Mr. Mahon topped himself by whipping and then kicking the sh*t out of a real midget..something called Hornswoggle. hornswoggle.jpg

Will the LPA (Little People of America)  express outrage over the Hornswoggle and Floyd storylines?

Floyd drives me nuts and I’m looking forward to the day when he faces someone who poses a real threat in the boxing ring. That said, I would never root for a Pete Rose-like fate in WWE for Floyd.

Even if I did root for that, Floyd isn’t as pathetic as Pete. Nor does he have the massive bills to pay based on numerous illegal activities over the last 30+ years.

McMahon treated Rose worse than Hornswoggle in three different WWE appearances. He let Kane tombstone the Hit King. Then Kane was allowed to choke slam pudgy Pete. That wasn’t enough so let’s some fat guy named Rikishi rub his ass on Pete’s face. Lovely.

And it’s all captured for generations to see. Check it out about 42 seconds in.

WWE Hall Of Fame- Pete Rose induction Video

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