chuck2.jpgchuck2.jpgchuck2.jpgHere’s hoping that Chuck sells lots of copies of his new book, My Fighting Life.

The publishers/p.r. agencies are making him work his ass off. He made appearances all over the country and did tons of tv/radio interviews.

Did anyone ever think Liddell would make an appearance on NPR in his lifetime?? He did so recently on the Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me show.

After a short interview, Chuck played a game called…”Not My Job.” You’re asked questions about something clearly not in the field of your expertise. Liddell studied accounting at Cal Poly, not political science. Better yet, not political gossip.

What a shocker, the quiz was pulled from a book called, The Bush Tragedy.

NPR drives me nuts on two fronts. It nauseates me to see the public footing the bill for a mostly liberal talk network (would it be cool to pay the salaries of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity?) and how big is the friggin staff on this g*ddamn show??. I’ve done two stints on national sportsradio (SportsFanRadio Network and Sporting News Radio) and my staff was max two!!!!!

Chuck did do so well. He missed 2-of-3 on the multiple choice quiz.

A few questions I had after listening..

1. Is there really a live audience watching this show or is that a laugh track?

2. If the audience is live, what bumpkins or 80 year olds are laughing at this brand of “comedy?” 

It felt like the days of What’s My Line or To Tell the Truth.

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Liddell should stick to what he’s an expert at, 2-on-1!

Chuck Liddell getting a lap dance from two hotties

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2 Comments on “CHUCK LIDDELL 15-3 WITH UFC, 1-2 WITH NPR”

  1. Jemaleddin Says:

    Wait, you’re pissed because Chuck was on a comedy show? And the comedy show was making fun of the current administration? Oh, they must be horribly slanted then. Because comedians always have a ton of bias and only make fun of one party…

    Guess you’ve never listened to that show before.

    Also, I too used to think of NPR as being biased, but it turns out that they have almost twice as many conservative experts (Heritage Foundation) on their news shows as liberal ones (Brookings Institute). The reason they seem liberal is that for the last few years the facts, as Stephen Colbert would say, have had a distinct liberal bias.

  2. rhys Says:


    fuck you you lucky goddamn lucky bastard!!!!

    you must have done something f****** good on ur past life to get lap danced and pASHED by those 2 stunners!

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