Sapp v. Nortje
Shocker of all shockers in Tacoma…Bob Sapp looked silly again. He is a 6-foot-4, 360 pound, freak and a great pitch man, but he is not a real fighter. There’s no doubt that he can sell tickets…7,429 showed up in Washington for this Strikeforce card.

Unfortunately, Sapp was destroyed inside of a minute by Jan Nortje.

Sapp, a former NFL offensive lineman, blamed the loss on a badly injured hamstring. I found it interesting that the Seattle Times referred to Nortje as an undefeated boxer. You really need to dig deeper on all of these great “boxers” who have moved over to MMA. 

Nortje hasn’t boxed since 2001. He was 10-0 during a two year career. His opponents finished their careers with a combined 17-47 record. Two of his opponents were making their pro debuts and his first five opponents had career marks of 1-23. So this was quite the opponent Sapp stepped into the cage with.   

This fight card did get considerable coverage in the Seattle area and a little bit nationally.

Dave Meltzer, Yahoo – Sapp’s life story too good for reality TV

Danny O’Neill, Seattle Times – The Beast returns, ready to mix it up

John Naito, Seattle P.I. – Former UW lineman to fight in Tacoma

This from the Seattle P.I.’s Steve Kelley on Sapp’s fortune from his role as pitch man…

In one bedroom he has the Bob Sapp slot machine. Instead of fruits, however, if three “Sapps” appear in a row, you win and a video pops on the screen, showing a cartoon of “The Beast” tearing meat off a bone, devouring fruits and vegetables and bellowing that deep, menacing laugh.

He says he sold 400,000 of these slots.

In another bedroom, Sapp has dozens of sales items on display, like a miniature museum. It’s a showroom for gimmickry.

There is the G-Shock Bob Sapp watch, the Zippo Bob “The Beast” Sapp lighter and the alarm clock with the clock face buried in the belly of a sculpture of “The Beast.”

There are bigger-than-life-sized Sapp cutouts and “The Beast” masks and stuffed dolls.

Sapp, 33, has action figures and “The Beast” computer hardware that teaches reading and writing in Japanese. There are pins, mugs, bobbleheads.

And then there were the food products. Bob Sapp Noodles. Bob “The Beast” Sapp Apple Crunch cereal. Bob Sapp Easter Eggs. Bob Sapp caramel corn. He could comfortably survive eating only products with his name on them. 


Good for Sapp, he’s making a helluva living and congrats to Strikeforce for doing a big gate. But is Sapp really helping MMA/fighting?

I see the big picture. There’s a lot of non-MMA fans who need to be exposed to the sport. But there’s also plenty who have huge misconceptions. And two immobile, lumbering freaks swinging for fences just gives ammo to MMA haters.

This from a Seattle PI reader…

Big Caddy at 1/24/08 7:35 a.m….I thought there was a law in Washington against what they call MMA – putting a couple of guys in a cage and allowing them to beat each other senseless…try to break limbs in holds that would never be allowed in wrestling, hold someone down and beat their head in – never be allowed in boxing…stomp opponents when down. really nice event to take the kids to!

Why not just let them bring knives, clubs and guns in the cage? How about a lion or two? Draws a nice classy educated crowd, though…maybe they should put the cage around the whole Tacoma Dome and let them all beat each other to death…

Of course, there is no end in site for the Sapp buffoonery. He is expected to get huge money from Dream, a Pride reincarnate, to keep on “fighting.”

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  1. Fred Says:

    LOL. LOL again. I love Bob Sapp. The guy is an original, and I hope he makes 50 more commercials with cute Japanese girls.

    He’s not a stain on MMA. Any hack journalist who uses BOB SAPP, of all people, to criticize the sport is not a journalist who has a clue about anything. No one is going to be influenced by that. I’d be more worried about a journalist using someone like Kimbo Slice to bad-mouth the sport, because Kimbo is at least taken seriously by some fans. Bob Sapp is taken seriously by absolutely no one.

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