Not quite but close.

Hard to say if UFC saw its former middleweight champ selling the Hummer just two years after he received it as a gift for coaching Season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter.

franklinhummer1.jpgFranklin doesn’t strike me as a “Hummer” guy. The proof is in the odometer reading, there’s just 10k on the vehicle.

Looks like a sweet ride. And Franklin is donating 10% of the proceeds to charity.

  From the EBAY page..

As you can see, the Hummer is in excellent condition and has been very well maintained! Here are some other cool things and benefits that you will get if you are the lucky high bidder of this auction!

A day with Rich Franklin!  As a token of his appreciation, Rich would like for you to have either lunch or dinner, depending on his schedule, with him and his wife, Beth.  If you are looking to get some genuine quality time with the champ, then look no further.As a token of appreciation from both Jeff and Rich, you will receive a package of Damage Wear T-Shirts and autographed memorabilia.Most importantly, you will be helping a great cause through the Keep It In The Ring Foundation! Additional Information: If you can not afford to purchase this vehicle, then please do not place a bid.




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