How can you not be a fan of this guy? That beard rules!!!

He is about as atypical as it gets for a fighter. The guy has always to the beat of a different drum. He spoke about his extended time away from the cage. Tanner also breaks down the game of Anderson Silva. And was very honest about several fights where he was undertrained.

Evan was odd though when asked to divulge details on his “adventures” which included his boat sinking. Apparently, he’s pulling a BJ Penn, I needed to go to his website ( You can go to (Tom Gerbasi) or (Kevin Iole) for more of the story.

He told about the boat…

“I had so many adventures I was getting worn out with that,” said Tanner. “I had a boat out in California, down in the Oceanside area, and I ran into some problems with it. The boat sank, and after that I was thinking ‘it’s probably a sign that it’s time to end these adventures and get back to business.’”

Here’s his first entry after returning to training…

I spent time in Huntington Beach, Las Vegas, Portland Oregon, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Atlantic City, Kauai Hawaii, Bakersfield, Oceanside, Troutdale, Salt Lake City, so many different places. I took cross country motorcycle trips, drove the Land Cruiser cross country. I rode down the coast of Oregon and California, through the Redwoods, across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco, ate clam chowder in Monterrey Bay, saw the wonders of Yosemite, stood beside the Giant Sequouias, watched the sun set over Death Valley, almost fell off the cliffs while hiking the Na Pali Coast of Kauai. Got caught up in some bad things in Huntington Beach, again in Hollywood, ran into some trouble on the ocean when my sailboat sank, ran out of gas in the mountains of California, had countless adventures.


He’s also a dude with principles as he told Tom Gerbasi from

“I’ve been around since near the beginning of the sport,” he explains. “I actually started in the dark ages of the sport when it was really being suppressed by those in power and what I did see when I checked in on the sport is so much commercialization. I saw a bunch of companies that had nothing to do with the sport back in the day and that had nothing to do with getting the sport to where it is now. I saw all these companies jumping on the bandwagon as if they had something to do with it, and that bothered me. What also bothered me was the idea that when I stepped back in I’m gonna have these companies approaching me to wear their logos and that will pay different prices for different placement on my shirts and shorts so I’d go out there like a walking billboard. I’d be representing these companies that had nothing to do with getting the sport to where it is and representing products that I don’t even use. There’s something that just didn’t seem right with that, so I totally cut out all corporate sponsors and worked directly with the fans because back in the day that’s what it was – it was you, your opponent, and the fans watching – and it was really the fans that made this happen.”

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