Word around Nationwide was that Coleman said he’s fighting Lesnar at UFC 86 in Minnesota in August. We’ll try to confirm this as the night moves along.

That took three minutes. Coleman just announced to Joe Rogan that he will indeed fight Lesbar in August.

I guess the Justin McCully rumors v. Lesnar were just that.

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  1. Arthur Says:

    Coleman is going to get destroyed. Is it worth sustaining a MASSIVE beatdown and possible death just for a big payday? I don’t think so, he already got inducted into the UFC Hall Of Fame, what else does he want thats the biggest honor! Coleman has a 1 to million shot at winning this fight IMO.

  2. MMA Says:

    bloody hell indeed
    Lesnar by viscious GnP

  3. Fadi Ghishan Says:

    does anyone really think Mark Coleman has a chance ?

  4. steve Says:

    Do any of you know anything about mma .I’m sure you said the same about mir , coleman has manhandled 300lb bjj blackbelts lesner we have never seen do anything accept tap colemans conditioning will be the determining factor he has a limited contract he has to win and wil !

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