The IFL’s Nelson wants two fights before the end of the year.

Opponent one may be, Las Vegas Review Journal writer Adam Hill.

Hill, apparently angry that he was covering IFL instead of UFC 82, lashed out at the IFL champ. Las Vegas’ MMA expert called him a “bloated truck driver” and mocked on his “oversized belly.”

The RJ’s headline writers added more insult calling Nelson, “portly” and saying he “roundly” defeated Fabio Scherner.

On a funnier note, Nelson also said he wanted Fedor next.

After retaining his IFL belt with a first-round knockout at the Orleans on Friday, the Cimarron-Memorial product was asked about the unlikely possibility of fighting the man widely considered the world’s best heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko.

“I would love that fight,” Nelson said with a smile. “But I doubt they would want Fedor to lose before he fought Randy (Couture), so I doubt I’d get that fight.”

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  1. Bungyo Says:

    Now that was hilarious.

    I’d love to see Nelson get annihilated by Fedor.

  2. Fadi Ghishan Says:


    I was there and saw the fight live, I’ve also seen Roy fight before, he’s not that bad, yes he is a fat ass but hes also a bad ass that won’t back down from any opponent and unlike most heavyweights hes really aggresive and active in the ring. Fedor is a stretch but Nelson can keep up with most UFC heavyweights.

  3. […] fuck calls out Fedor Jeez, calling out Fedor is so 2006. Don’t they know Kimbo is the new guy to call out? The IFL is perpetually behind […]

  4. Joey Says:

    Well according to sunshine Gina c will be fighting fedor soon calling her fat how dare you sir anyway she would probably give a better fight

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  6. […] he’s not challenging Fedor, big fat IFL fuck Roy Nelson is showing what a total ignorant retard he is regarding chokes: […]

  7. […] not going to deny them the right to draw the line somewhere. And besides, despite Roy’s claims to the contrary I don’t think he’ll be quite the force everyone thinks once he starts mixing it up with […]

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