MY NEW CO-HOST (I can only hope)

It’s been tough sledding without my former co-host The Sports Pig. Nothing slims more than a 400 pounder in the chair next to you.

I think I may have found his replacement. Anyone know this guy’s name? The big guy could be a star if paired with another blubbery host!!


It’s hard for anyone to match the Pig.

We were shooting for Virginia Beach’s Tony Mercurio…but he shot us down.





JD informs us that the Hawaiian sportscaster is Robert Kekaula. He’s too talented to leave Hawaii.


And probably too smart. The guy is also a singer. If you like island music, the stuff’s not bad.

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2 Comments on “MY NEW CO-HOST (I can only hope)”

  1. JD Says:

    the sportscasters name is robert kekaula, he has an album out in hawaii

  2. Joey Says:

    Okay sunshine that’s enough with the pig although when you talk mma he was better that smokin Dave if you could bring in trigg every wed that would be sweet anyway thanks for updating glad you feel better but even I could update a website sick get it together man oh and tomorrow can you update is on the fedor thing

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