Nanci Donnellan is back on the air!!!

You’re saying, who the f**k is that?

She’s better known as the Fabulous Sports Babe.

Her meteoric rise in the late 90’s displayed everything that was wrong with sports radio. Stations were littered with “talk show” hosts that lacked their own opinion, had no ability to generate topics that didn’t include rankings or “best of” lists or those who needed a guest, ANY guest to “fill” the time.

Give the Babe credit, she marketed herself well and got the N.Y. Times to write a story about what a hero she was. She’s not a bad lady but she did let her ego get out of control.

The Babe had a good personality but no work ethic. As soon as she “made it”, she rested on her laurels. She couldn’t fill five minutes without a guest because she did no prep work before her shows. Like Dan Patrick, she fell off the radar away from ESPN (The Babe earned $400,000/yr at SportsFanRadio Network after being dumped by ESPN).

When you have no passion for doing radio and the bevy of ESPN “insiders” go bye-bye, a three hour show drags on enough to make the listener’s ears bleed. Listen to KLAC each morning to see what we’re talking about.

The Babe is back on locally in Tampa with a co-host. The Babe made her debut on Friday with former Buc Scot Brantley on WHBO. Hopefully, she goes back to her roots and works this time around.

The Babe is still a big enough name to warrant a story link on…‘The Babe’ Returning to Tampa Airwaves. It’s a fine job by writer Rick Harmon, except for the factual errors.

He writes…

In 1994, The Fabulous Sports Babe became the first — and remains the only — woman to host a national sports talk radio show when she debuted on the ESPN Radio Network. For the next 8 years, “The Fabulous Sports Babe Show” was heard by millions of listeners every weekday on over 300 radio stations nationwide.

The 300 stations note is the biggest lie in radio. She was on many stations but 300 is ridiculous. When you add up all the networks claiming to be on 300 stations, there must have 1000+ sportstalk stations around the country.

That was 1998, sports radio has exploded since then. In 2008, are there even 300 sports-talk stations total in the U.S.?

Secondly, Harmon insults other women who currently host nationally or have done national radio since 1998. This is a list off the top of my head (there’s not a ton, but there have been others)

C.J. Silas – FoxSportsRadio and SportsFanRadio Network

K.J. Sala – SportsFanRadio Network

Amy Lawrence – ESPNRadio

Krystal Fernandez – FoxSportsRadio (I would link to foxsportradio’s website but I don’t think it has one!!!!!)

Elizabeth Hess – Sporting News Radio

How many names did I miss…any names you can think of?

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