It’s not enough for Floyd to force us to watch another fight against the Golden Boy, now “Money” is planning a 2009 rematch against Ricky Hatton.

How do you sell a rematch after you knocked the guy out cold and was leading the fight 8-rounds-1?

Floyd is a marketing genius, let’s see if he can convince fans to buy these fights in big numbers.  


It was nice to see the Rays’ Al Reyes and the Dolphin’s Reagan Mauia getting into bar brawls this week. Reyes wins the prize for biggest jackass, he got the taser..twice!!

The Reyes details according to the Tampa Tribune.. 

Reyes fell against a ceramic pot inside the bar. Thinking someone had pushed him, police said Reyes began exchanging words with patron Eduardo Mora.

Mora then punched Reyes in the face, getting the attention of the Hyde Park Cafe’s bouncers. Meanwhile, police said in a news release, Reyes “began to spit blood on the people in the area and began to swing his arms about.”

The bouncers tried to control Reyes, but the 6-foot-1, 240-pound right-hander kept pushing them away. A Tampa Police officer working extra duty at the bar stepped in and yelled, “Stop Police!,” but Reyes “continued spitting blood and thrashing about,” according to a police incident report.

Moments later, the officer warned Reyes he was going to Taser the pitcher, and he did, knocking him to the bar floor. Ignoring police commands to stay down, authorities said Reyes got up and was Tasered a second time.

Meanwhile Mauia got nabbed by those pesky kids with a cellphone camera. After apparently punching some guy in the face and driving off…

“Mauia asked the victim, Michael Gianatassio, what the f— he was looking at,” the affidavit states. “Gianatassio said he wasn’t looking at anyone. Mauia became upset and said, ‘You should know,’ as he approached Gianatassio. All of a sudden, Mauia punched Gianatassio in the face with a closed fist.”

In the Reyes case, you almost wonder why the off duty police officer intervened. I’m sure after saving the 38-year old lard ass from a bouncer beatdown, he’ll have Reyes suing him for using the taser.

Henderson police are dealing with a situation after trying to save a family from offing itself. The suicidal hubby contributed to his wife’s death after a routine traffic stop.


Once Bill has his agenda set, there’s no guest in the world that he’ll actually listen to who brings an opposing stance to the table.

O’Reilly twisted facts and simply did not listen during an MMA discussion last year with UFC president Dana White and fighter Rich Franklin.

Here, he rolls MMA into a discussion that tries to paint the picture that CBS is lost. “MMA experts” Bernard Goldberg and Jane Hall are brought into the discussion to back O’Reilly’s opinion.  

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

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