We speculated on Saturday night’s Jewelers of Las Vegas Post-Fight show that after his fight against Nate Quarry, Starnes may not fight again for UFC.

Turns out that we were right, he was kicked to the curb by UFC according to Yahoo’s Kevin Iole.

Starnes was on his horse the entire fight and refused to engage with Quarry even when he mocked on the Canadian by jogging in the ring and fighting with one hand in the final 30 seconds.

One judge was so irked by Starnes that he scored each round 10-8 in favor of Quarry.

Now the internet chatter is suggesting Starnes fought like a puss to stick it to UFC. According Neil Davidson with the Canadian Press, Starnes wanted out of his UFC contract….

Canadian fighter Kalib Starnes, vilified by mixed martial arts fans for his inactivity in a bout against Nate Quarry at UFC 83 on the weekend, has asked to be released from his UFC contract.

But the 33-year-old middleweight from Surrey, B.C., declined to discuss what happened in the lopsided fight Saturday night in Montreal or why he wanted out of the UFC, saying he would comment further once his UFC exit paperwork was complete.

“Until that happens, I don’t feel comfortable talking any more about it,” Starnes told The Canadian Press on Monday from his training base in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“Personally, I couldn’t be happier to be released from my UFC contract,” added.

Don’t be surprised if Starnes come out firing at the sport’s No. 1 villian Dana White in the near future.

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  1. Dedwyre Says:

    Well, I don’t like Dana White anymore than the next guy, but if it’s true that Starnes did what he did as a way of getting out of his contract, he’s even more at fault. The fans paid to see two fighters fight, and Starnes’ running around was more of an “F You” to the fans than to the company.

    It’s like watching a football game where a quarterback just allows himself to get sacked on every play and the team never attempts to make a touchdown. The crowd paid to see two teams play football, not to see one team stand around and let themselves get beaten.

  2. T Says:

    Hmmmm. Wasn’t he the same PUSS that was whining about his ribs in TUF, only one fight from the finale! I just don’t think he has any heart or courage. Good riddance.

  3. kristy Says:

    I dont care if it was intentional or not or what organazation he wants to fight for. He sucks and i dont care to watch him fight anyone again.

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