This is Dan responding via email. We interviewed further on the topic on Wednesday.

CLICK HERE FOR THE AUDIO INTERVIEW. Here is the email he sent me…

I just got this from the NJSACB. 
News sure does travel fast. Your shot is great and the
article was great it had me laughing.
The only thing thoug, is that he wasn’t going after me he was charging either GSP or the ring. I just happened to be in between him and his targets. I was asked by the UFC to help with security when the 2 fighters entered the ring area. They where more worried about Matt then GSP. Next thing I know some wack job is jumping over the barriers and charging the ring. I didn’t want to hurt the guy so I was just going to put him to sleep and then help get him out of there before he hurt someone or himself.
But thanks for the laugh and hope to see you at one of the next events.

Slight correction from the first story. I estimated Dan at 6-foot-5 and 270 lbs. He said that he’s actually 6-4, 296. Nice move by jackass fan.

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