I assume Landsberg is a huge star in Canada. He does the equivalent of the old Roy Firestone Up Close show on TSN, Canada’s ESPN.

While in Montreal I got my first look at Landsberg’s Off The Record show on Friday interviewing Dana White and talking UFC.

I like to push the envelope and ask some tough questions but this guy was pretty hard driving. There were times it felt like he was literally goading White to punch him in the face.

Watch the vids. Does he cross the line?

These are segments he calls Next Question.

UFC Dana White OTR 4/18/08

UFC Dana White OTR 2/8/08

These are additional segments that I watched on Friday. I’m too retarded to figure out how to post TSN videos on WordPress. The guys at MMAmania.com are not stupid so we’ll direct you to watch more Landsberg v. Dana over there. Here is a panel discussion as well.  

Amongst the statements I found odd during the interviews…from Landsberg v. Dana

***White, “Chuck Liddell can’t go anywhere” — Landsberg, “Is that because of sleeping pills?”

***Landsberg, “Do you have major celebrities lined up for UFC 83?” — White,”You never know until they show up.” — Landsberg, “I’m assuming that to be a no.”

***Landsberg, “You’re from Vegas guy did you win any money on the Super Bowl?” — White, “I didn’t bet on the Super Bowl because I’m a Patriot fan and I didn’t think they would cover.” — Landsberg, “Then you should’ve bet against them, doofus!”

Landsberg also calls White “a former aerobics” instructor several times.

Landsberg does know his stuff (he is a bit annoying repeatedly saying Ly-dell when pronouncing Chuck Liddell). But some of his shots seemed uncalled for.

Answer my headline question…is this guy a hardnose interviewer or a disrespectful douchebag? 

TSN obviously has a huge audience so White is willing to take some cheap shots. I assume my relationship with UFC may be strained if I called the president a “doofus.”

One more question, when did it become cool for guys to get lip jobs?

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  1. PaladinPup Says:

    Cross the line…absolutely not. How are these questions considered crossing the line?

    I would not call Landsberg a huge star here, but he generally goes for the “man’s man” image. He often has multiple athletes on at the same time, they sit down like their having a beer and they debate. In a country where hockey is our religion, the face to face debates read well.

    P.S. the font is so small here I can barely see what I’m typing. =(

  2. ihatetheredsox Says:

    That is the guy’s style.

    Steve, you should look into some of the OTR’s with the wrestlers. He pulls no punches there either

  3. Pramit Says:

    I beg to differ. In fact, this show is quickly moving up my list of favorite MMA TV shows. Instead of throwing softball questions up there that elicit generic been there-done that responses, he engages his guests with tough questions. He’s not supposed to act like a fan — he’s supposed to dig for meat…

  4. Paddy Says:

    Whats with the almost naked picture of who I think is Angelina Jolie?

    As for Micheal Landsberg, Ive only seen him maybe a half dozen times, but from what Ive seen of him interviewing other people, he seems to jsut ask the hard questions. He did seem to be pretty disrespectful in those clips though, Ive never heard him calling anyone doofus before!

  5. Jaq Says:

    Most of the questions were just stupid… I could definitely see calling the president of the UFC a ‘doofus’ as crossing the line, though.

    There’s something about that guy’s face that just annoys me. Maybe it’s the fish lips.

  6. deansguide Says:

    Who is Michael Landsberg and why would anybody in America the real America give a shit?

  7. PaladinPup Says:


    I am assuming that this is an attempt to elicit a response that might piss enough canucks off to rasie the uniques visits on your own site, resulting in only one possible conclusion about you and your site.

    I’ll let you spell it out for the others…I’m too busy trying to figure out what the “America the real America”is?


  8. mrsunshinevegas Says:

    I think someone figured out why the Angelina Jolie pic is there. Take a look at Landsberg’s lips.

    Most of what Landsberg did is very good. I was also bringing up the topic to discuss what is considered hostile and not hostile when questioning sports figures.

    I agree Pramit what Landsberg does is a goal of every media member. Are all media members afforded that opportunity?

  9. Dedwyre Says:

    I don’t think that his questions are offensive or anything. Calling him a doofus is a bit uncalled for, and the constant aerobics instructor references seem like cheap attempts at comedy. (He’s also a former amateur boxer, so I think that pretty much guarantees a victory against Shane McMahon.) So, in short, questions good, name-calling bad.

  10. deansguide Says:


    My grandfather came from Nova Scotia and was a hard drinking Canuck so I am half Canadian and proud of it. What I am not proud of is anyone like Landsberg who acts like an idiot just to create controversy.

    My blog niche has nothing to do with sports, somehow my traffic will survive without your visit, and by signing in my url was automatically displayed. I did not write it within the body of the text nor outwardly promote it.

    Think of it this way–What would you say if some media idiot from the United States decided to ask Pam Anderson a bunch of stupid questions and then state that he didn’t think Pam was very hot?

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