What a sad night for media “legend” Bob Costas during his CostasNow show on HBO.

He talked to a whole two bloggers and then made the piece into a print v. blog battle.


Bissinger’s W.C. Heinz reference was ridiculous. No one is saying bloggers are better writers or that their insight is more valid than some print members. The blogosphere simply provides additional entertainment and info options.

Bissinger also stated said he worries about kids, in particular his 16-year old. If his child is tapping one source as the gospel, the problem isn’t with the source, it with you as a parent. Maybe screaming bullshit and f**k at your child isn’t working.

The traditional media members also leaned on their crutches saying they’re responsible and worked to get where they are. With pride, Costas includes himself in that group. Yet it was obvious he did little research and had no more knowledge than that “sports fan in his basement” that he derides so often.

Are these guys responsible?

  • Pete Vecsey had to apologize for making up a story just two days ago.
  • Ron Borges fired from the Boston Globe for plagiarising.
  • Jay Mariotti, Chicago Sun-Times, is constantly hammered by athletes for never venturing into a lockerroon.
  • I sat at a Final Four and witnessed Bill Rhoden from the N.Y. Times watch no more than five minutes of the game sitting courtside as he was engaged in conversation with another writer.
  • We all witnessed Tony Kornheiser routinely turn in half-assed 7″ columns during the 2007 football season at the Washington Post

Funny enough, the only writer recently chastised for shoddy print work was African-American Stephen A. Smith. It is not possible for a good columnist to turn in the same quality work that he did 10 years before he took that radio and TV job on the side. Smith was fired by the Philly Daily News.

As far as working to get where they are…huh? The newspaper biz is as political any other business. The best writers don’t have the biggest jobs. Many of the nation’s top columnists are no different than the tenured teachers people bitch about. Now that they’ve arrived, they’re best work is 10 years behind them.

The entire CostasNow segment on blogging was a set-up.

Deadspin’s Will Leitch has done a brilliant job leading the way in the field. But Will is not a TV or radio guy and he could not state his case with Bissinger cursing at him. Is it a coincidence that the other blogger featured, the Harvard educated Michael Schur from, was not invited to the face-to-face conversation? Yet we take the word of Syracuse’s Bob Costas and the Penn educated Bissinger. I guess one Ivy Leaguer can be trusted and other can’t.

I honestly don’t care where a guy went to school. Though if I did, we could compare Syracuse’s academic reputation against many other schools and have a good laugh. And I don’t want to hear about Cuse’s broadcasting/journalism school, Newhouse. As far as “sports-talk” radio goes, Newhouse’s reputation is overblown. With dozens of Cuse alum doing shows around the country, can you name me five that do really good shows?   

Let’s get back on track. The fear from these “sportswriters” Bissinger and Albom was so evident in their generalizing about bloggers. They were more than comfortable saying that most bloggers are uneducated goofs. This was based on what research?

Internet viewers aren’t stupid, in spite of what the panel thinks. They’re drawn in by well written, unique, creative and timely commentary and pictures. Everything on Deadspin, The Big Lead, Mr. Irrelevant, AwfulAnnouncing and Sports By Brooks is not mean or smut based. These sites and many other blogs do a great job of spurring discussion and bringing fun back to sports.

Here’s a great discussion with Brooks from SportsByBrooks that we did on my ESPNRadio 1100 radio show during the Final Four.

Brooks, is not a 20-year in his Mom’s basement. He worked in radio and still does regular spot on 710 ESPN in L.A. The discussion revolves around the online revolution and the constant lying by the traditional media. That includes much of sports-talk radio.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO BROOKS (on the top of the page) 

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