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Shaw got in his Dana White shots.

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  1. Jason Gibbs Says:

    It’s Sunday morning and I just got through watching the Elite XC fights from last night. I recorded them on Tivo and I’m glad I did because an hour and a half into the program there had only been seven minutes of actual fighting, so it took me about ten minutes to watch.

    Now, I listen to you guys on the radio all the time and hear you talk about MMA, but I’ve never really watched a fight. Since it was free to watch I figured I’d give it a shot and if what I watched is what all the hype is about, I’m not interrested.

    The first two fights lasted barely a minute. The third was between two women and by the end of that one I was ready turn it off. That was disgusting. Kaitlin Young’s face looked like it was about to explode!

    John McCain got a lot of criticism from the sport’s backers when he called MMA “human cockfighting.” His statement was considered ignorant and irresponsible. Well, it may have been, but when the sport comes onto broadcast television and this is what the mass audience sees? He appears to have been right on target.

    Like I said, I was ready to press delete after the girls’ fight, but I figured I’d watch one more since the first two fights between the men lasted only a minute each and if I based my opinion of the sport on only that, I’m no better than McCain. Plus, the announcers said that the next would be “the one everyone will be talking about come Monday.” Well they were right.

    The fight between Villasenor and Baroni: Jesus Christ!!!

    That’s it. I’m out. No more for me.

    Blood everywhere, coming from both fighters. Did you see Baroni’s ears? Hey Phil, do you want some dip to go with that cauliflower?

    To quote Dana Carvey’s “Grumpy Old Man” character, Baroni’s head was nothing but a “giant bloody mush off puss.”

    I couldn’t believe it when the fight wasn’t stopped earlier, but the son of a bitch wouldn’t quit. Maybe that’s why people love the sport, but I thought it disgusting and it would not surprise me if Baroni died overnight and I just don’t know it yet. That guy got destroyed.

    The Tivo stopped recording at 11pm, so I didn’t see the Kimbo Slice fight, but I couldn’t care less. From what I heard that was just a promo stunt anyway.

    No more MMA for me, but I’m glad I watched because now when I hear the argument that MMA is not “human cockfighting” I’ll just laugh because it obviously is. And you know what? That’s fine.

    NHL fans love the fighting, even though most won’t admit it. NASCAR fans wait for the big crash, even though most won’t admit it. NFL fans root for the big hit and everyone admits it.

    If people want to beat the living $hit out of eachother and millions of people want to watch, fine. But MMA fans, don’t tell me it isn’t like the Romans watching Christians v. lions. MMA is brutal and bloody and shocking and disgusting…and people love it.

  2. joey Says:

    i just got done watching elitexc first of all it sucked the best fight was gina carana by far then the next best fight was stoped cause of a finger are you kidding me GAY!!!!then i set my dvr so i didnt even get to see kimbo thank god he spared me. iole was right on the money and i told you to call out that fool shaw on friday listen to you fans that guy os an idiot and do they have to announce all there employees as former ufc whatevers i think they like being in the shadow of ufc i am so pissed thank god we got a real promotion today

  3. Jason Gibbs Says:

    Steve –

    Screwed up the fighters. It was Scott Smith with the cauliflower ears, not Baroni. But you probably already knew that. Still, it was pretty gross.

    It reminded me of how George Forman looked after a fight he “won” during his comeback in the early 90’s. He was virtually unrecognizable, but still coherant. His face looked like an overcooked blueberry pie without the crust. A reporter asked how he was? His response: “Mama told me there’d be days like this.”


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