We’re finally hearing different accounts and more details on what may have happened on Monday morning. Walker was found robbed and beaten to a pulp near Koval and Winnick.

This from the San Francisco Chronicle:

“We don’t believe this is a random act,” Las Vegas police Lt. Clint Nichols told the Chronicle. “They knew who he was and (Walker) presented a target.

“We did get a surveillance (video) of a vehicle and suspects that may have been involved. We know there were suspects, possibly two (but) we haven’t identified anyone yet.”

Remember Walker was one of the guys who was with Darrent Williams, the night he was shot to death.

More from the S.F. Chronicle:

On Jan. 1, 2007 while a member of the Denver Broncos, Walker and several teammates were shot at following a New Year’s Eve party outside a downtown Denver nightclub. Teammate Darrent Williams was shot in the neck and died in Walker’s arms. Police said it was a gang-related homicide. Earlier reports stated champagne was also sprayed into the crowd before the shooting in Denver.

I’m not going to sit here and say Walker needs to stop going out. Though it is puzzling as to why he hasn’t dropped the spraying champagne routine. Afterall, that was the impetus that got things going in a disasterous direction before the tragic Williams slaying.   

The speculation on the air today on ESPNRadio1100 started to border on the ridiculous. Then it went completely overboard on message boards like this:

Javon and Floyd Mayweather both had tables, and got into a bidding war, buying champagne. According to him Javon bought over 30 bottles of Dom, and Floyd won, buying around 50 bottles of Cristal. When Floyd won, he then made it rain, throwing stacks of money off the balcony (The VIP tables are on a mezzanine overlooking the dance floor. Javon was on one side, and Floyd on the other).

The rumor making the rounds among the staff there is that someone in Mayweather’s crew jacked up Walker.

Javon Walker at Body English spraying the crowd

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