AUDIO – Cofield & Co. talk Tom Brady pool cover-gate


Well-mannered? Polite? Respectful? They broke the mold when they made Tom Brady!

Maybe not.

Tom Terrific is just like the rest of us when we feel like we’re getting ripped off.

When a N.Y. judge unsealed documents in the NLFPA/Brady vs. NFL case, A series of email exhanchge from the Patriots’ QB hit the web. Brady’s shock, awe and rage in this email about the need for a massive winter pool cover is hilarious.

Read the entire email here.

Does Brady come off as a regular guy or a petulant, rich jackass who torments his minions?

Listen to Cofield and Adam Hill as they attempt to answer these important questions:

Cofield and Co (Subscribe)
8/6 Cofield & Co. Tom Brady’s pool cover
Is Brady a regular guy? He flipped about the cost of a new pool cover. Does he connect with you or come off as whiny rich guy?
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