COFIELDSteve Cofield is a Las Vegas-based talk radio host.

His shows can be heard locally in Las Vegas on ESPNRADIO1100 AM (M-F, Noon-3p PT) and on fight nights on ESPNRADIO1100 (10-Midnight PT).

The ESPNRADIO1100 show is called Cokin and Cofield (

Steve Cofield has turned over a new leaf. Under the tutelage of radio icons like Imus, Hank Goldberg, Pete Franklin and Bob Grant….Cofield had an awakening. People want to hear the good news in sports, Mr. Sunshine is here!!!

After years of ranting and raving, he’s now putting forth the positive side of sports. Listen to Steve each day with his partner Dave Cokin.


Steve Cofield just finished up a 2007 stint with Sporting News Radio. He was the first national radio host to take his show to broadcast live from both MMA and boxing venues.

The show was be heard in big markets like Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Tampa, Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Tulsa, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Nashville and Memphis.  











Brian Billick is a pain in the ass

 Howie Schwab is a schmuck

TO is a clown

Cofield’s medical condition

Cofield yelling about scamdicapper Brandon Lang


8 Comments on “Cofield”

  1. bandini Says:

    Fox will give American Idol host Ryan Seacrest the chance to do the seemingly impossible: Appear on a show that, at times, can draw even bigger audiences than the all-powerful Idol: Fox’s Super Bowl pregame show. He’ll host entertainment segments from a set, outside the Arizona Cardinals’ stadium positioned to intercept incoming celebs. It’s the latest instance of TV sports incorporating red-carpet-style coverage, a genre epitomized by reporters posing this question: “Who are you wearing?” Fox Sports Chairman David Hill says there’s a rationale in using Seacrest that goes beyond using the Super Bowl to cross-promote Fox’s biggest hit. Other Fox cross-promotion will include Neil Cavuto, expected to star on Fox’s upcoming business channel, to talk about the Super Bowl’s impact on, say, avocado sales. “I see Ryan as a latter-day Dick Clark, who was a conduit through which America viewed pop culture,” says Hill. “He’s on his way toward assuming Dick Clark’s mantle.” Said Seacrest, in a statement: “This will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of my career. Seacrest, out.”…..WHAT’S NEXT? STAR JONES AT HALFTIME???

  2. coffey Says:

    I know its a little of the sports radair but did you catch the story about the government offical who fucked up and allowed a b52 carrying 6 armed nuclear warheads to fly over american soil. For the record I think that has to be the worst fly over ever if used at a sporting event. 2ndly I’m in the jacksons fant baseball challenge. I know what first prize is. (unless everyone of my pitchers turns into christy mathewson starting today) I have no shot. I was just wondering if there were other prizes like the guy who uses up all of his transaction moves? What color is the ribbon for 11th place?
    Thanks Steve
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    -Mike Coffey
    ps I hope your wrong about moss! (I took him in the 4th round in my big Money FFl league!)

    as for wrestling, I dont know how far you go back but I remember as a kid when the wcw was the NWA and so on …..
    If you dont think they had issues then ? just go look at the Von Erik family check out those Deaths… u think there is no link between steriods/depression/suicide/and abusive drug use, go read those lovely bedtime stories. I check out the build on the “brothers” they may not look like randy orton but were talkn 25-30 years ago.
    no Beuno

  3. Vermilk Says:

    I write about boxing on my site occasionally. Maybe you will find something of interest. Let me know if you like it. If you like it, please add me to your blogroll.

    I don’t see too many blogs relating to boxing. Actually I have found only a couple including yours. How lucky can you be to live in Vegas and see all the fights?

  4. Art Says:


    I’ve been loyal listener of your previous show in the 12-2pm slot. I had an assignment that kept me out of the office and in the field for a few months so I didn’t get to the radio. When I return…you know, could someone please tell me why you and Pig aren’t on anymore or at least point me to a podcast or something explaining why they broke up the best freaking show on am radio this side of Rome?!!! WTF happened?!!!

    Your show as irreverent, thought provoking, outside of the box and you hit things from the prospective of someone who truly wants unvarnished answers. You and the pig seemed to have great chemistry and Mr. X’s drops would sometimes make me belly laugh back here in my office. And now they have Pig, what, doing intern work? Come on man. Who did you cats piss off?

    Anyway, thank the brain trust at Lotus Broadcasting for screwing up, what I thought was becoming a Vegas institution. At least it was ALOT more entertaining then Hanson & Dave (I’ll interrupt you and I don’t give a s***) Cochen. So could you throw a loyal listener a bone man and tell me what the hell is going on.

    And by the way I still listen to ya boss. I think your one of the best out there. Keep up the good work.

    Arthur Mitchell
    Las Vegas Engineers
    CAD/IT Manager

  5. Chris Eddy Says:

    According to KLAC 570 in LA posted a .05 share in their latest book.

    Your comments?

  6. Eric Says:

    Mr. Sunshine,

    I just got off the phone w/you and Wendall regarding the MLK discussion. I was the fella you let say his thing regarding “White Priviledge”. After you disconnected me you went on to say that if I listened more often I’d know that you were/are understanding of what I was referring to and you went on to say that any white guy complaining about his lot in life is a bum.

    When you stopped Wendall and asked him to explain saying that he and the other caller were from the “same community” I called. Although you are saying you know where I’m coming from I have to ask you why you’d even begin to ask Wendall to explain that comment. You asked about income – like that would be of greater significance in defining community than race. Don’t get bogged down with exceptions to the rule Mr. Sunshine. Please don’t man! We should all be happy for any person that makes a good living – but when it comes to being black in America (the rule Mr. Sunshine) is that you aren’t white and therefore more scrutiny and judgment HAPPENS – plain and simple man.

    Alright, so you probably have said this on your show more than once. For some reason I just wasn’t feeling it from you when you called Wendall on his “community” comment.

    I gave praise to your very deserving screener and you – as sincere as I could be about both. I love your MMA stuff the most.

    Very sincerely! – Eric

  7. hywelteague Says:

    Steve, love your blog, been reading it for ages. Just started my own. Please have a look if you get chance.

  8. Shane Igoe Says:

    Hey Steve

    Big fan of your radio work as well as Mrsunshinevegas blog. Saw that your recently did a post on yahoo regarding the Canseco / Vai piece. Have a possible post for you.

    To commemorate the historic 1:37 second knock out of Jose Canseco reenacted using the classic video game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Check it out it is pretty funny.

    Watch an AUTHNETIC clip (hardly any out there all the videos are 10 second grabs) of the Jose Canseco Vai Sikahema fight alongside a blow by blow reenactment of the fight using the classic video game Mike Tyson Punch Out (crazy how close it is to the real game). Vai Sikahema is played by Piston Honda while Jose Canseco is made to look like Mr. Dream but with his signature shades. Also watch as Canseco mysteriously shrinks during the fight (Result of no Roids?). The reenactment even includes the Tongan posse, Vai was billed as “The Tongan Terror”, who stormed the ring after Vai won and even includes post fight quotes from both Vai and Jose. Take a close look at the High Score Board as you will see some familiar names and KO times.

    Thanks for your time and consideration,

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