Is anyone going to watch this Kim Couture fight? She speaks on HDNet’s InsideMMA  along with Gina Carano.

Congrats to Randy’s wife, Kim, for trying her hand in the fight game. From a purity standpoint, aren’t there 100s of women who have legit accomplishments in the ring/cage who deserve the TV/online time? We assume she’s equipped to handle a real fight and it doesn’t go the way of Johnny Morton’s debut. Morton was only given a spot on an MMA card based on his name.

This is clearly a business move by HDNet to gain favor from the big prize, Randy. But it does it bring to mind a message board comment I saw on mmajunkie.com by someone calling themselves dy-no-mite3000. I cleaned it up a bit…

Kim Couture? Or Jenna Jameson?
Which (woman) is the Yoko Ono of MMA?

We know Tito was a tough guy to deal with before Jenna came along. Did anyone see signs of Randy’s recent behavoir before Kim?  

Here’s a portion of an open letter by Kim on the rift between her hubbie and UFC from 10/07:

 I wish they could really see this for what it is. If Randy really means anything to them, stop blaming this on a “Hollywood agent,” or worrying about the fact that people think he might be going to fight for another organization. It’s purely people’s opinions and speculation. Dana knows in his heart of hearts how they have treated Randy.


Just food for thought.

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  1. […] late to the party with this, as I believe Steve posted this last week, but I still think it is relevant as Kim Couture’s amateur Muay Thai match is slated to air […]

  2. danyelle Says:

    kim, i hope you find this. when we got back to crossville i got a copy of the fight. congratulations. if you keep fightin like that you’re gonna make that autograpgh you gave me worth a lot of money. if it’s what you want go for it. that was a heck of a fight. good luck and god bless.

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