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July 31, 2007


Holy Christ! What happened to Artie Lange? The former Stern sidekick was in Vegas this weekend with fellow fattie Jeff Beecher. Check out this less than sterling take on Lindsay Lohan and her drug habits. It’s a race to death between Artie and LiLo


July 27, 2007



With all the talk about LiLo, Britney and Paris and the danger they pose to society, we need to take a look at the young hotties that really pose a threat to our everyday lives. Women like Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Halverson. As hot as she is, you wouldn’t think it would be a problem to be forced to rub her back and make her lunch, but apparently the staff under her control was not thrilled with the duties.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, The disrespect led her own bailiff to refer to himself as being relegated to nothing more than her “housenigger.” Luckily for fans of fair justice, the derogatory terms didn’t stop there. Halverson referred to her former clerk as a “faux jew.”


Halverson didn’t limit her judicial misbehavior to those behind the scenes, either. She also fell asleep during trials and made improper contact with jurors that resulted in mistrials, even one that forced a young victim to endure a second grueling sexual assault trial.

This is the kind of out of control woman that really poses a danger to us in our everyday lives. We love looking at bikini shots of Lindsay Lohan as much as anyone, but her out of control drunk and high car chases affect a very small segment of Los Angeles population that happens to be on the road in Beverly Hills at 2 a.m. This type of behavior potentially affects everyone in the Las Vegas valley and sheds light on problems that may be going on in every court system.


July 26, 2007


The place to go for info on this NBA betting scandal is the folks who are embedded in the off-shore gambling world. That’s where all of the big money wagering took place after someone got to Tim Donaghy. After speaking with lots of these moles, here’s our theory on what happened, including guesses at some of the fixed games.Most of this flies in the face of the general media’s theories.Donaghy’s was not threatened. He wasn’t forced into doing this. He was not a degenerate gambler who got in too deep. That may be a nice Sopranos story line but things in the real world of the mob are much more subtle. It was a straight payoff deal for big money. Maybe in the $500,000 range. We know from new reports the Gambino Crime family is involved. Word is it’s a super high level, sophisticated gambler/handicapper who reputation is well known. The person may have ties all the way back to John Gotti.

Everyone is on the wrong path on trying to target fixed games. We’ll never know which games were arranged unless Donaghy flips or someone in custody turned state’s evidence. All the late game foul/cover examples and over/under stats are ridiculous. These guys are too smart. The whole point was to make it impossible to detect.

The fixer is high level gambler. There is a crew of the world’s best gamblers who hit in the 57-60% range on a regular basis. The names are well known. Read the book “The Smart Money” by Michael Konik.

Their best plays (based on angles/trends) hit at 60+ %. In theory, Donaghy was only brought in as insurance on the other four games, the gambler may lose. If things went as planned, Donaghy would have to do nothing. He was there to insure the victory, with or without making calls.

Don’t bother looking at the opening/closing lines. The evidence is more likely found with the action between the open and close. A tel-tale sign for the off-shore books is when they see one of their big names betting a game at -6 then -7 then -8. Sophisicated winners don’t do that. That raises eyebrows. If you looked at the opening and closing lines you may see, opened -6….steamed up to -8.5…then closed -6.5. You miss it by looking at just the beginning and the end.  

I think Donaghy’s arrangement was for around 15 games. The goal was hit to roughly 12-of-15.

Here’s our best guess at some of the games. Again, in some cases nothing happened. Donaghy was only an insurance policy.

11/16 – DETROIT 90, N.J NETS 82

The action on this game was curious. The fixed side here was Detroit. Richard Jefferson added some drama. He was iffy for the game. Donaghy’s partner and the public pound the line up to -3, -3.5. Right before the game, it’s announced Jefferson will play. Line goes back down to -1 and then it’s pounded again towards -3 again. It settles around -1.5. Jefferson scores 11 and there are a couple of instances in the final minute where calls on Detroit fouls aren’t made. Pistons cover easily. How could you tell the fix was in? Line opened -1 and closed at -1.5.


You could never tell in this one because Donaghy didn’t have to lift a finger. The Cavs were the side laying six. Cleveland blew out to a 20-point halftime lead.  It got as close as eight to start the 4th but the Cavs pulled away safely for the cover. Game opened -5 and finished -6. Again, nothing obvious.

Here’s the interesting scuttlebutt going around. Off-shore betting site Pinnacle was a good spot to work this deal because it’s limits on NBA sides were very at $100,000. If you remember Pinnacle ceased U.S. operations on 1/11. The theory is that this hamstrung the efforts to get huge money down and there wasn’t another Donaghy game for a while, roughly two months.  

The crazy thing is roughly five or six games in (all wins) everyone off-shore has some idea something is happening. Vegas has no clue. But instead of alerting anyone, the off-shore sites, simply get in on the action. But so do most of the huge name bettors around the world. Reports that Donaghy’s fixer did go 10-for-10 has been confirmed multiple times.

Now when did it end? Here’s the best guess. Donaghy is there as insurance, plus the guy who set it up is a great sports gambler. It would be shocking if the gambler is way off on game. This doesn’t work if he’s some hack who need Donaghy to make 8-to-10 calls to fix his misread on a game.  Sometimes circumstances are beyond control.


Everyone remembers this game but they would never put it together with the Donaghy scam. The side is Boston. The line opens -1.5 and closes -2. It’s coming in at the half, once again Donaghy has to do nothing. Then Doc Rivers steps in and tanks the game. Yup, the much discussed game where he took all his starters out with an 18-point lead. It was an avalanche by Philly, nothing Donaghy could do without making it obvious. Philly wins outright and the Donaghy fixer’s streak ends here. All the talk revolves Rivers tanking the game to help the Celts in the draft lottery. Since many of the big bettors were onto the fix, it was absolute destruction for the players off-shore that night. Everyone was on Boston.  

There are a lot folks who said there was one playoff game fixed. It was New Jersey-Toronto game 6. But there’s talk of double-crossing in this case. The line exploded from N.J. -5 to -8.5. The Nets won by one point. The thought is, the fixer had had enough with everyone jumping on his deal and set them up to lose with the phony side being Nets to cover.

The theories could be wrong. But make sure if the details/games affected come out, check back and see how accurate this was.


July 26, 2007


Mr. Sunshine is hosting a wiffle ball league each Wednesday Night through August.

Each week, the teams go at it for the nightly title. The winners of each three week session get a trip for four to an MLB regular season game.  


 The grand prize winners get a trip for four to an MLB playoff game!!!


And the scenery ain’t bad either!!! Call 384-0074 to get in.


July 25, 2007

Paulie Howard

The local media finally latched onto what AP’s Brian Mahoney, Ny Times’ Alan Schwarz and ESPN anchor Mike Kim recalled days ago….that ESPN920’s Paul Howard called out David Stern on game fixing back at the All-Star game in February.

Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Ed Graney pointed it out today:

Paul Howard is a local sports talk radio host for KBAD-AM (920) known to many as “New York Paulie.”

Today, another moniker fits: Nostradamus.

It was Howard who hours before the NBA All-Star Game here in February opened a news conference with David Stern by inquiring of the commissioner his concerns about gambling as it relates to Las Vegas housing a team, whether Stern was more worried about fans betting on games or the potential of a points-shaving scandal.

It’s a wonder how RJ tv/radio columnist Bill Taafe missed this one.

Actually it’s not.

His column consistently caters to the 60+ demo. Shockingly, he hasn’t written a single word the last few weeks about hot TV/radio topics like Vick (media coverage), the ouster of Dan Patrick (midday host on local Vegas affiliate ESPN920), Lotus Broadcasting’s 24-hour broadcast at the Palms featuring Colin Cowherd, JT the Brick, Al Bernstein, Floyd Mayweather, Emanuel Steward and Lon Kruger or the NBA’s constant snubbing of Las Vegas.

Taafe’s recent columns include rating the Wimbledon broadcast team, telling us ESPNRadio’s Mike and Mike are good and stating 57-year vet Vin Scully is solid.

In two weeks, Mr. Sunshine will begin doing Taafe’s job. Cofield will have a weekly media column targeting listeners under 100 years old.


July 24, 2007


This question to David Stern during the 2007 NBA All-Star game has been referenced multiple times by AP and ESPN over the last few days. Hear it for yourself. David Stern says he’s not worried about game fixing in the NBA and in typical Stern style he tries to belittle Las Vegas ESPNRadio920 host Paul Howard.

Mayor Goodman getting sick of Vegas bashing by national media

July 24, 2007



Oscar Goodman joined Mr. Sunshine on Monday to talk about the NBA’s betting scandal. He states that he was so livid with Newsday’s Ken Berger and his anti-Las Vegas column that he fired off an angry letter earlier in the day.  

The Mayor may also be in dreamland, stating that this is a positive for Las Vegas’ future in pro sports. The media will ignore the facts and do little research on legalize sports gambling.  The Mayor was unaware of the fact that David Stern cancelled next week’s Monday meeting on the topic of Vegas and the NBA. 

It is the ultimate irony that the loudest pro-Vegas voice is the guy who represented the same sort dirtbags who got Tim Donaghy into this trouble.